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certified meditation teacher, empowerment coach & Author

Lauri Albert

  Readings by Lauri Albert are for insight into your personal life and do not in any way constitute medical, legal, tax or financial advice. 

  By requesting and scheduling a reading, you understand and agree that Lauri Albert is not a medical professional, attorney, accountant or other

  licensed professional. 

Lauri Albert



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 From the beginning & thru the whole Zoom reading with Lauri was unbelievable, non stop messages from my husband and my Mom. He passed 7 years ago and she in 1977. Seeing your facial expressions, emotions, was my 1st experience face to face for a reading, and I was AMAZED, EMOTIONAL, AND 100% focused, hanging on your every word!!! Words cannot express what I felt, & will cherish the rest of my life! All because of your gift, you BLESSED me with the ability to hear from my husband and Mom.😇😇❤️. The deeply personal messages would never have happened to me without you Lauri!!! P.S. Sorry about when you got SO hot, had to fan yourself, face blushing, almost sweating 😅😂.... I told you that was my husband, always hot 🔥, I couldn't believe my eyes that Spirit was effecting you in this way. But I have to smile from ear to ear when thinking of that!!! I apologize. I really can't stop Laughing about it 😂😂😂!!! From the bottom of my heart, I THANK YOU, I am humbled and blessed to have connected with you!!!#Love remains Forever 💓😇😇. Linda.

 I have had quite a few readings from Lauri over the years. I have had individual readings and have hosted Spirit Nights at my house with some friends. One of my 
first readings, a very old dear friend of mine came through. Lauri told me some facts that I didn’t quite recall. I contacted my friend's sister and told her about my reading. She confirmed what Lauri had told me. Facts I didn’t remember her sister recalled. My friend's sister is now a fan and a listener to Lauri’s show as well. -  Nadeen T.

 As far as mediums go, Lauri Albert is the real deal! With her intuitive and calming
 demeanor she could put anyone at ease. She did a reading for me and was patient, kind and thorough in her approach. We connected with my dear grandma who crossed the other side a few years ago, and it was a beautiful, touching experience I will never forget. I highly recommend this Happy Medium! - Dana S.​

 I have a had several readings with Lauri. Every time, I have been left with a sense
of awe, comfort and a belief that there is more to this life than what we think!  Lauri facilitated a connection with my best friend that I lost over 30 years ago!  I am so grateful that Lauri has this gift to share with the world!  - Caren P.

     Readings are $150 and usually last between

     60 to 75 minutes.

     My readings are all Spirit led & directed and can

     include visits from deceased loved ones, spiritual

     development guidance or intuitive advice. 


     Readings can be done on Zoom or by phone!
     Email me at Lauri@LauriAlbert.com

     Or call me to discuss!  818-422-1170

     Venmo, PayPal, credit & debit cards are accepted  
*Please note that there will be a small additional fee for 
credit cards.