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'In The Flow with Lauri Albert'

From a young age, I have been interested in all aspects of Spirituality and love studying all religions and religious texts.  This curiosity eventually compelled me to develop a practice of meditation where I was able to learn about the various cultures around the globe. As my practice of meditation matured, so did my relationship with Spirit.

Throughout my ongoing Spiritual development, I have worked and studied with many different mediums, psychics, healers and Spiritual teachers like davidji, Krishna Das, Tony Stockwell, Mavis Pattilla, Austyn Wells, Howard Wills and James Van Praagh.   Through studying with them, I have found my purpose in life! 

Over the years, I have developed a unique method to my readings.  I give them all up and allow Spirit to lead the way…whether it be reiki healing, card reading, psychic or mediumship, Spirit leads every reading meaning that everyone gets their own beautiful experience!

In 2012, I launched an online radio show called “Lauri Albert – A Happy Medium” where callers received free readings and we would discuss all things Spiritual.  Since then, I have moved the show to Facebook and Instagram where I give mediumship, psychic and card readings. 

Currently, I have a podcast called "In the Flow with Lauri Albert" where each day we find Spiritual lessons in our lives and I lead a meditation for all levels of the practice. 

I am also honored to be studying closely with davidji, an internationally recognized meditation teacher, stress-management expert and author AND as of May 2020, I can be found on the largest and most popular meditation app, Insight Timer, leading meditations.

Life is challenging…for everyone.  Seeking guidance or healing from Spirit can be a surprising and amazing avenue in discovering the answers we seek. 

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My Story of Spiritual Awakening

Lauri Albert

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'In The Flow with Lauri Albert'

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