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From a young age, Lauri Albert has been interested in all aspects of Spirituality. Studying the world’s religions and developing a daily meditation practice allowed her to create a deep connection with her Spirit Guides which then led to the development of her mediumship & intuitive gifts. Lauri has studied with multiple well-known psychic mediums such as Tony Stockwell, Robert Brown, Mavis Pattilla, Austyn Wells and James Van Praagh.

In January 2012, Lauri launched a weekly call-in podcast called “Lauri Albert – A Happy Medium” where she utilized her spiritual gifts to communicate with caller’s deceased loved ones, provide insight into the world of mediumship, intuition and spiritual development and inspire others to create the truly happy life that we all deserve! Currently, Lauri is studying closely with davidji, an internationally recognized meditation teacher, stress-management expert and author. In becoming a Certified Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher with davidji, she has begun to incorporate meditation as a primary tool in her readings, workshops and sessions.

Most recently, Lauri has created a podcast called "In the Flow with Lauri Albert" (found everywhere podcasts are available) as she continues to teach others how to cultivate their own positive and happy lifestyles and develop their own spiritual gifts should they choose to. Lauri aspires to spread the mindset of the power of pure unconditional love with the world.

As of May 2020, Lauri can be found on the largest and most popular meditation app, Insight Timer, leadings meditations, chanting, giving live readings and uploading new content regularly.

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Spiritual Medium, 

certified meditation teacher, empowerment coach & Author

Lauri Albert

Spiritual Medium, Certified Meditation Teacher & Empowerment Coach

Lauri Albert


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